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10 Highest Paid Jobs in India in 2022: How Much You’ll Get

So, you are finishing your schooling in India and selecting a career. Maybe you already have one but want to change to something more rewarding and with better prospects.

Each of us has different priorities when it comes to what we want in a job, but we all require a good living. For many, though, salary is the deciding factor.

In India, traditional professions such as doctors and lawyers remain. However, there has been a digitization boom in recent decades spurred on by the pandemic.

It’s no surprise that many of the best-paid jobs are in tech. Here’s our list of the 10 best-paid jobs in India in 2022.

#1. Data Scientist

What it is: Data scientists manage enormous amounts of data and organize and analyze it. They find solutions to problems and design predictive models.

Skills & Education: You need a strong foundation in mathematics, analytics, statistics, computer science, and programming. Relevant but not necessarily mandatory qualifications are:

  • B.E. / B.Tech. Engineers.
  • Graduates.
  • Executive PG Program in Data Science program.

How much you’ll get: The average salary is Rs. 15 LPA. With experience, you will earn Rs. 60 – 70 LPA.  

Prospects: This is a relatively new career, but national demand has risen by 40% since the beginning of 2019.

#2. Blockchain Engineer

What it is: Blockchain is a digital ledger across networks to prevent cyberattacks and may be used alongside other security solutions. For instance, you can learn more about what a VPN is for the start. And check Surfshark and Cyberghost compared. An engineer develops and implements architecture and solutions.

Skills & Education: You need an understanding of blockchain architecture and platforms, and knowledge of cryptography, decentralized apps, and web development. You should have:

  • B.E. / B.Tech. in IT, statistics, computer science, or mathematics.
  • Certification Courses.

How much you’ll get: The average salary is Rs. 15 LPA. Experienced engineers can earn up to Rs. 50 LPA. 

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Prospects: There is a shortage of blockchain developers. The Indian Government has included it as part of its national development strategy and investment is substantial. 

#3. Machine Learning Engineers

What it is: Machine Learning involves building, analyzing, training, and retraining systems that can learn. You will analyze data, refine results, and design and implement projects and programs.

Skills & Education: Strong communication and presentation skills and the ability to convey complex information and concepts in an accessible way are required. Also:

  • B.E. / B.Tech. in IT, statistics, engineering, computer science, data science, or mathematics.
  • Executive PG Program or a Masters.

How much you’ll get: The average salary is Rs. 12 LPA. With additional skills, you may earn Rs. 20 LPA. 

Prospects: There is significant annual government investment in this field although it is still new. Career growth prospects are excellent.   

#4. Product Manager / Management

What it is: Product Managers are responsible for a product or product line, recognizing customer needs, product feature definition, strategy, forecasting, and marketing.  

Skills & Education: You require knowledge, the ability to work with people across multiple disciplines, as well as negotiation and communication skills. Also:

  • Degree in Business Administration, Economics, Marketing, PR, Communications, or Management.
  • Product Management Certificate course.
  • Postgraduate degree.

How much you’ll get: The starting salary is Rs. 7 – 8 LPA, but you may earn up to Rs. 26 LPA. 

Prospects: Businesses in every industry and sector are increasingly focused on the customer. Therefore, the role of a Product Manager is increasingly in demand.   

#5. Full-stack Developer

What it is: A full-stack developer designs and creates both server and customer software or applications. They build websites and database functionalities and optimize applications.     

Skills & Education: You must be collaborative, detail-oriented, have knowledge of databases, servers, and programming languages, and understand web design and a:

  • B.A. or B.E. or B.Tech. in IT or Computer Science
  • Course / Executive course.
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How much you’ll get: The entry-level salary is Rs. 3.75 LPA. You may earn up to Rs. 70 LPA. 

Prospects: According to the India Brand Equity Foundation, the IT industry will continue to expand, creating millions of jobs. A meaningful percentage will be full-stack developer posts.

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#6. DevOps Engineer

What it is: DevOps Engineers develop strategies for software development needs. They plan, build, test, and deploy applications, and introduce tools, methodologies, and processes.  

Skills & Education: You must be collaborative, self-motivated, proactive, flexible, and customer-orientated, and have strong communication, coding, and scripting skills and:

  • B.A. in computer science or IT.
  • Certificate courses.

How much you’ll get: The average is Rs. 11 LPA. Experienced engineers can earn up to Rs. 20 LPA. 

Prospects: This is a growing technology that will have an increasing place in the expanding IT landscape in India.

#7. Digital Marketing Manager

What it is: Digital Marketing Managers analyze trends and plan and manage marketing strategies and campaigns to promote brands, products, and services through all digital channels.  

Skills & Education: You should have knowledge of social media, analysis, strategic thinking, email marketing, customer relationship management, and SEO. In addition:

  • B.A. in computer science, management, or statistics.
  • Digital Marketing Specialist course. 

How much you’ll get: The average is Rs. 5.5 LPA. 

Prospects: As with all technology-related fields in India, the scope for positions in this role or job function will continue to be in high demand. 

#8. Systems / Business Technology Analyst

What it is: A System Analyst specializes in designing, analyzing, and implementing information systems. They perform security audits, and tests, detect problems and fix issues.

Skills & Education: You will need knowledge of hardware configurations, operating systems, programming languages, software, and hardware platforms. And also:

  • B.A. in a computer-related field or in business.
  • Master’s degree.

How much you’ll get: The average is Rs. 16 LPA.

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Prospects: These professionals work in a range of industries, and the number of these jobs is expected to rise steadily.

#9. AI Architect

What it is: An AI architect designs, builds, deploys, and implements machine learning. They plan and implement solutions for customers and adapt them to meet changing needs.

Skills & Education: You need to be collaborative, understand AI applications, and have data analysis skills and knowledge of AI tools and technologies. Qualifications also include:

  • B.A. in mathematics / statistics / IT / computer science.  
  • Certification courses in Data Science, Machine Learning, or Artificial Intelligence.
  • Postgraduate degree.

How much you’ll get: The average salary is Rs. 63 LPA.

Prospects: AI has been included as a core part of India’s national development strategy and investment in the field will be significant.  

#10. Marketing Manager

What it is: Marketing Managers identify the market, determine pricing, design products, identify marketing channels, run marketing campaigns, and monitor and evaluate them.     

Skills & Education: You need communication, negotiation, leadership, management, planning, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. In addition:

  • B.A. in Marketing Management, Management, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Business Law, Economics, or Statistics.
  • Certificate courses.
  • Master’s degree or MBA. 

How much you’ll get: Entry salary is Rs. 4 – 6 LPA; experienced managers earn Rs. 15 – 22 LPA. 

Prospects: Marketing is crucial to all businesses. With the boom in technology and digitization, India’s digital marketing industry is expected to generate many thousands of new jobs.   

Concluding thoughts

The extent of remuneration does not depend on the industry, and high-paying jobs can be found everywhere. It should be noted that the formal qualifications mentioned are not necessarily mandatory. There is a variation from job to job and even employer to employer. It seems clear that many of these jobs are to be found in IT, the Data Industry, and Marketing. So, maybe it’s time to learn a new skill.

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