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Python Command Line Arguments with sys.argv

Python scripts can be run different ways. Python interpreter can be used to file python scripts but it is not so practical. Also scripts are not saved. After interpreter is closed or written code will be lost. Most popular usage to write and run python scripts is creating python script...


Bash For and While Loop Examples

Bash can provides different programming language structures like variable, array, loop, decision making etc. Loop is one of the most useful feature of bash scripting. Loops will give the ability to iterate over given sequential structures like array, file list, numbers, inputs etc. Loop Syntax Bash provides alternative syntax for...


How To List MySQL / MariaDB Database?

MySQL is very popular opensource database. MySQL is created by MySQL AB a Swedish company and then bought by Sun. Sun is bought by Oracle and MySQL is currently owned by Oracle. MySQL is very popular at opensource community. In this post we will look how to list databases in...


How To Use Bash Sleep In Linux?

Sleep is a function provided by bash shell to pause execution of commands. Using sleep function will make delay according to provided time values. There is also library support for sleep function in Linux environments.Simple usage of sleep function is like below. Syntax Syntax of the sleep function is very...


How To Print Current Date and Time In Linux and Windows From Command Line?

Getting current date time information is very different for different systems and programming languages. We will look this simple but big issue for vast majority of operating systems and programming languages. Linux/FreeBSD/Unix We can date information from GUI panel clock but we will look for command line. We will issue date command...


Linux Mint Distribution Tutorial

Mint is Linux operating system which is based Ubuntu. Mint uses Ubuntu packages and ads some tricks to make things modern, elegant and comfortable. Mint is popular operating system which can be seen from web page. What Makes Mint Different Out of box multimedia and codec support Free, no...


Linux Rename Files And Folders With Rename Command With Examples

I have some files and directories and I want to rename those. How can I rename them? or are there any alternative methods? Linux provides different tools and commands in order to rename files and directories. In this tutorial we will examine mv and  rename commands. Syntax Basic and most...


How To Chown Recursively In Linux?

Linux files and folders have owners. Owners are required to control permissions. Which user user can access which files. User root created file will be owned by user root. But what will happen we want to change owner. Simply Recursively Change Files and Directories Owner User and Group We will...

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