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Linux Cut Command With Examples

Linux provides cut command for remove sections from each lines of output in bash. cut command provides mechanism to filter extract column/text from file or standard output. Detailed examples can be found below. We have following text file named fruits.txt


Select Column Cut command provides ability to select specified...


Linux Tmux Tutorial With Command Examples

Tmux is terminal multiplexer popular in Linux world. Tmux provides multiple windows in a single session. Tmux also have the ability to detach and run after disconnect and attach after connection. This is very useful for system administrators. Man Man page of tmux provides a lot of detailed features. To...


Best Terminal Emulators For Linux

Linux system administrators generally prefer to work with command line. While working with command line a terminal emulator should be used. There are a lot of terminal emulators alternatively in Linux. In this post we will look different flavor Linux terminal emulator. Their pros and cons Terminator Linux Terminal Terminator...


SSH Tutorial With Command Examples

SSH is the one of the most popular tool in the Linux and Unix world. SSH or Secure Shell as its name suggests creates secure shell connections to the remote systems. Most  of the Linux system administrators prefer SSH to manage remotely. SSH creates encrypted channels to the remote system...


Youtube-dl Download Youtube Videos

youtube-dl is a small application written with python to download youtube provided media content like video and audio. What makes youtube-dl so popular are simple, works and rich feature set. youtube-dl currently supports YouTube.com, Dailymotion Google Video Photobucket Facebook Yahoo Metacafe Depositfiles brightcove.com auengine.com RingTV instagram.com Jukebox 3sat CSpan …...


Linux Ip Command With Examples- Network Management

Linux network stack provides a lot of network related features like a commercial network router or switch. There are different tools and ways to manage these advanced features. In this tutorial we will look ip tool set which is new generation tool designed to manage Linux network configuration. Show IP Address IP...

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