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C Programming Tutorial Index

C Programming Tutorial Index Introduction To Programming C Setup Development Environment C Hello World and Compile First Application C Syntax and Basics C Variables C Numeric Variable Types (Integer, Long, Float) C String Variables...

Php – Introduction To Object Oriented Programming 0

Php – Introduction To Object Oriented Programming

New generation languages like C++, Java, Python, C#, Php provides more features than old ones like C. One of the most popular features and concept is Object Oriented Programming or simply OOP . Php...


PHP Tutorial Index

PHP Tutorial Topics Introduction To PHP Installing PHP To Linux Installing PHP To Windows PHP Hello World Project with Eclipse PHP Syntax PHP Variables and Types PHP String Types PHP Numeric Type (Integer, Float,...


Python Script Change Mac Address Periodically

In this tutorial we will look a simple but useful code that changes windows operating system Mac address. Mac address is the unique address that specifies the network interface. A general thought that mac...


Linux Crontab Syntax and Examples

Crontab is automatically scheduler used in Linux distributions. We have already looked crontab in the following tutorial. In this tutorial we will look different examples of crontab scheduler. Linux Crontab Tutorial with Examples To...


Linux Chroot Command Tutorial with Examples

Linux provides different mechanisms for practical and security reasons. chroot is one of them. Processes in linux can access to the file system or root by default. Linux kernel also provides chroot mechanism to restrict access...

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