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When the internet emerged browsers used for displaying and rendering HTML pages with limit javascript or vbscript scripts. To day time changed and browsers act like a operating system or container that provides a lot of functionality built in or with plugins. Internet users uses plugins for different functions like, post twitter, bookmark, save password, remotely manage applications etc. Plugin provides flexibility for the users but also provides security weakness.


Chrome provides a lot of plugins and it is the number one for plugin count.

List Plugins

Existing builtin of user installed plugins can be viewer with the following url which should be entered to the address bar.

Extensions or Plugins

Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions

Builtin Plugins

List Plugins

List Plugins

As we can see that there is only builtin plugins installed currently in the screen shot.

Install Plugins

Plugins can be installed different ways and from different source for Chrome browser but the official and most secure one is installing from Chrome Web Store which can be navigated with the following url


For example we want to install the plugin named google mail checker . We can search it with the search box located left upper corner .

In the left side bar we can filter plugins according to their ratings from 2 star to 5 star.

Another menu is Features menu where we can filter plugins according to following categories

  • Runs Offline
  • By Google
  • Free
  • Available for Android
  • Word with Google Drive

After we search we get following screen. We just click the Add To Chrome Button to the related plugin in the list.

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In the next popup box click Add extension

After installation is completed we generally get a poppup like below and the icon of the plugin is added to the chrome bar.

Activate Plugins

Plugins can be activate or dis-activated from the extension list page just click checkbox Enabled for this operation

Remove Plugins

Plugins can be removed from Chrome by click the trash cab icon in the plugin list.

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