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Firefox is opensource browser which is transformed several times in its history. At the times Firefox was the most used browser but with the Google Chromes arrival it lost a lot of its users. But Firefox have lot of users now and have a big community especially in open source form. In this tutorial we will look how to list, install, disable and remove Firefox addons.

List Plugins

Firefox plugins are named addon and can be liste with the following url.

Install Plugins

Firefox addons can be installed from following url.



Search FireGestures and we will see following screen

In this screen we will click Add to Firefox button which is shown below.

Left upper corner of the browser a popup will occure. Click install.

We have successfully installed the plugin. Some plugins requires restart of the browser in order to complete installation. If we do not need plugin right now we can postpone the restart of the Firefox.

Activate-Passive Plugins

Plugins can be made passive or active from plugin list tab which is explained in the first part of this tutorial. Disable will disable plugin but do not remote it.

Remove Plugin

Plugins can be removed easily from the plugin list tab. We will click Remove button in order to remove plugin.

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