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How To Add PPA To Ubuntu, Debian Repository?

Ubuntu and Debian are two popular Linux distributions. They are using deb and apt for package management by default. In default of repositories, there are a lot of different and rich package alternatives. We may need to add some external repositories. PPA is a protocol used to add repositories to the apt. It means personal package archives. Some can create a package and publish it through his own server. Then we can easily add this package and repository to our Linux system with PPA.


We will use the add-apt-repository command for PPA based repositories.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
  • add-apt-repository is our command to add
  • ppa: specifies repository will be specified in PPA format
  • webupd8team/java is a repository name hosted at Launchpad

We can see from the command output that the added repository or PPA provides some information about it and then it adds the repository to the local system. After that, it updates all repositories including the newly added repository.

PPA List

Above we added Oracle Java repository to our sources.list.  PPA’s are generally published at


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