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Hi today we will look into amazon web services. It sounds a bit odd to you because I generally write about linux,network,security operational issues with implemantation details and commands. As some of you know that amazon was born as a e-seller  (generally books). It gained popularity in the whole world. With the new virtualization era it made invesment to the cloud business at the right time. It penetrated global cloud market very well and now it is currently #1 in the market.

Cloud computing has there service model and Amazon sells products for all of the three service model.But in this article we only look for IAAS products of Amazon. We will look in slight details of all of the IAAS products


Compute product is named Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Compute product which is indeed a vm works with selected Amazon Machine Image (AMI). AMI is properly configured image by installing os and other tools. There is diverse of options in the marketplace of Amazon. In this marketplace provides AMI and licences with little fee. Than to access Compute service network and security related configuration is made. And the type of Compute service is configured. How many cpu and ram optionally disk is needed. CPU can be added or removed easily and very fast with API or management console. The persistent storage is provided by Amazon Elastic Block Storage where the system boots. This storage can be replicated different Availability Zones. It may be make snapshot and these snapshots can be used easily by different users.

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