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ARPANET and Its History

Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) is an agency based U.S. The ARPANET is a network created and developed by this agency. Perhaps ARPANET is the most popular military project known by millions.

Creation Of ARPANET

The main idea of the creation of the ARPANET is to communicate and share computer resources among scientific users between different universities. ARPANET main idea was splitting the data into small parts and route/deliver these data pieces into the other locations. These pieces mainly called packets which will be the foundation method for the TCP/IP.

ARPANET over years
ARPANET over years

History Of ARPANET

U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency  (ARPA) created a concept to connect universities in different locations in 1967. In 1969 it started to become with four universities connected together geographically diverse areas. With the development of the TCP/IP protocols in the 1970s, the ARPANET turned into a worldwide network which is currently called internet.

  • In 1965 two computers at the MIT communicate with each other by using packet-switching
  • In 1968 first packet switching network protocol `Interface Message Processor` (IMP) which is started use in ARPANET.
  • In 1969 The first remote packet transmission occurred the `LO` part of the LOGIN is transmitted. It is not completed because one of the nodes was crashed.
  • In 1972 network email is proposed.
  • In 1973 first global network connection with US, UK and Norway Universities which is created the term `internet`.
  • In 1974 the first commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) is born.
  • In 1974 TCP design is published
  • In 1976 first email sent by Queen Elizabeth
  • In 1982 TCP/IP started to be used in internet
  • In 1983 Domain Name System (DNS) is established with `.edu` , `.gov`, `.com`, `.net`
  • In 1985 the first domain is registered which is
  • In 1986 56 Kbps dialups started to be used on the internet
  • In 1987 Cisco ships its first router
  • In 1990 HTML standard is created for World Wide Web  (WWW)
  • In 1993 first general browser Mozaic is created for WWW
  • In 1998 Google Search Engine is born
  • In 1998 IPv6 introduced
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