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Linux Remote Desktop Rdesktop Command Tutorial with Examples

I need some times to connect the windows systems. I have used Remmina which is capable of vnc,ssh,rdp, nx etc. But all just need rdp. Remmina is very talented application but I do not need so much talent. I just need RDP and I want to use my screen very efficient. Remmina shows menus I don’t use and get space from my screen. I decided to used rdesktop which have...


How To Configure Cisco Routers and Switches Password

Hi, today we will look to configure Cisco routers and switches with password. It may be seen trivial but very important for security, because a lot of issues a password related. Network devices use a lot of protocols to work and this protocols needs security. Authentication resides in security and the first rule of authentication is real check.For example if you connect a switch with telnet you should give your...


Changing cisco hostname and disabling cisco domain look up

Today we will look for setting Cisco devices host name and then disable domain look up. Host name is used to identify devices in a meaningful and easy way. Change Hostname First we change hostname to and then fall back to default hostname which is Switch

Enable Domain Lookup First we enable domain look up which is enabled by default and then disable domain look up



Yum Command Tutorial With Examples For Linux Package Management Like Install, Update Remove

Linux applications installed (generally) as packages. Packages contains required files like binary, configuration, database, data, graphic etc. All files packaged to one file named rpm. There is a lot of packages in fedora or other rpm based distribution to manage. Keep in mind that there is also different version of packages like a1,a2,a3. Packages are named like wireshark-1.10.7-3.fc20.x86_64. Here wireshark is package real name as we know, 1.10.7-3 is the version...


How To Discover Network Hosts With Nmap?

Hi. We started with nmap target specification. Now we resume with host discovery options.Host discovery is detecting hosts in the same or remote network. Generally we send a packet to the target host and then we get a response or not but some times we just listen and get packets from hosts. We decide host status according to response if we get it. There are some different ways to send...


Introduction To Squid

Hi today we will look most famous proxy in the world. Yes you guest it right it is squid. Proxy is an intermediate system that manages communication between two systems. In web applications http proxy is mostly used type. The client makes request to the proxy and then proxy makes the request to the server behalf of the client. So we may think that why we need intermediary system for...


Introduction To Ansible Tutorial

Hi today we will look to a system management automation tool named Ansible. There is a lot of tool in this category but Ansible is different with being agent-less. Yes you read it right it is client-less and developed in python  language. Ansible architecture is very simple which made by a manager which must be Linux and the systems managed which may be Linux, BSD or Windows. There are some...


How To Configure RIP Routing For Cisco IOS?

Hi today we will look for some networking stuff. Up to now I have not written any routing related technical post. In this article I am gonna show you some simple dynamic routing with RIP protocol. Routing is divided in to two part which one is static. In static routing routes are configured in router by typing every detail of the route and all things configured are used  in routing....


How To Mount VM Images with Guestmount?

guestmount is a tool used to mount VM images. This VM images can be different formats like qcow, vmdk, vdi etc. In this tutorial we will examine different use cases about guestmount. Mount Disk Image We will start by mounting given image partition to the specified directory. We will provide the image with the -a option. -m option will used to point the partition we want to mount which resides...


How To Clone VM with Libguestfs?

Hi today we will look disk image tools/library which is very power full. We will look for now just the tools not the library but in the future we can investigate the library in c or python too. With the era of cloud computing things to be done very fast, practical and precise way. In the past system administrators was connecting systems one by one and complete operations. But now...

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