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How To Recover or Reset Lost MySQL Password On Linux?

I have some php applications that runs with MySQL database server. I have  setup MySQL database long time ago and I have forgotten root password of MySQL server. How can I recover and reset MySQL Server password? One way to reset MySQL password is stopping MySQL daemon. Starting it with recovery mode without authentication. Login with root and make required password changes. Stop MySQL Server Daemon MySQL server locks databases during running....


How To Install Gns3 To Fedora?

Gns3 very useful tool to simulate real networks and systems. In the first days of its Gns3 was simple Cisco IOS image emulator. But recent years its development has gained momentum. This made Gns3 a multi platform, flexible real world simulator. Gns3 supports systems like Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Pfsense, Docker etc. In this tutorial we will look how to install Gns3 to the Fedora 64 bit. Get Gns3 Installation...


locate Command Tutorial With Examples For Linux To Find Files

Linux have different tools to search and find files and directories. locate is one of them which is very popular. The alternative for locate is find command. But they work differently from each other. Find command searches in real time but locate command uses a database which holds all files and directories of the system. In this tutorial we will look how to use locate. Syntax

Help We can list help...


How To Exclude Hosts From Nmap Scan?

Nmap is very useful tool for network administration and security. It is most used tool in these areas. But a lot of people use it with very basic means. Here we will look more sophisticated usage of nmap step by step in this ant further posts. Target Hosts Create a text file and add hosts/networks to it and then use this file with nmap. You can use network blocks like...


How Configure Cisco For Logging?

Hi, collecting logs are important. In my daily job I am working with logs about a lot of systems like WMware , Application ,Linux,windows,Cisco ,checkpoint, pfSense. Logs provides info about the system, application etc. Security incident management systems heavily rely on logs. Example Log Logs consist of date system name and event detail like

Here Aug  1 05:39:30.992 is date info, %LINK-3-UPDOWN is subsystem info which says the log is...


Linux Systemctl Service Management Tutorial

Hi, today we will learn managing Linux services with systemd or systemctl. While Linux kernel booting, it loads drivers, mount file systems, starting memory management, creating system calls etc. But after that what? Linux starts an init process to create further system and user services and processes. To manage system services we need a tool which is generally systemd. With this tools we can set a services status, see it.Also...


How To Raid In Linux With Mdadm?

Hi, today I am gonna show you how to make raid ( redundant array of inexpensive disks ). Why wee need it? Think about that you have customer data stored in a server. Say one day disk is dead and then all of your data about customer are gone. This is a very bad new.  What if disk dies but the data remains the same. This will be very good....


How To Generate Self Signed X.509 Certificates with OpenSSL?

Hi, x509 certificates are used widely by a lot of applications. Generating x509 certificates seem to be hard and rocket science, but it is not. We will generate a key named t1.key and then create a signing request from this key. After that to signed our request we will generate a self signed CA key and certificate. After that we will sing our request and generate ready to use certificate....


How To Compile Linux Kernel From Source Code?

Hi today we are going to compile Linux kernel. you can think that compiling  kernel is very complicated and hard for you. But it is not. It is more easy to compile than a lot other projects. Because Linux kernel has no dependency to library or other tools. It needs just ncurses development library which is used for module configuration. Lets start the process. Download Linux Kernel Source Code Linux Kernel...


How To Generate Random Numbers In Linux?

Generating random numbers can be seem odd. But it is very important for security. In security field whatever best cipher or algorithm you use if you can’t generate random numbers it is useless from point of view of security. So how can we generate random numbers in Linux environment. Generate With urandom File urandom is a device which resides under the /dev . We can read this  file which will output...

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