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Base64 and Default Password Projects

Up to now I have provided informative and technical posts about different IT domains like programming, network, security, linux and windows. In this post I want to talk about may other web projects. Those projects are mainly created for provide some service to the programmers and end users. and

Base64 is and encoding format used to change encoding got different type of data. This is generally used to encode strings. Why encoding? Because encoding will make our data more compatible with intermediate systems. Think about we have a text like “This; is very ridiculous!” . There are some punctuation characters in this text and  some intermediate devices may interpret these characters in a wrong way. Base64 equivalent will be


which have do not provide any punctuation characters.

As a pentester I have work with a lot of different type of devices. Or regular home internet user or service providers works with different type of modes. Sadly some device uses their default factory provided usernames and password. This project will help those who needs default passwords about their devices.

This project is planned to be grow and become a hub of default related issues like password, config, connection etc.

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