Bullet Point Types and Creation In HTML and Word

Bullet Pointis a thick point symbol used to create a top-down list of text to express the start of the item in the list. Bullet points also called as Bullet List in HTML or Word terminology. Even a thick point is used it is called as a bullet.

Bullet Point Symbols

Bullet point uses a thick point as default symbol. But there are diferent alternatives which can be used for bullet point. Below you can see different bullet point types for different cases.

  • Tick Point
  • Thin point
  • Empty point
  • Square
  • Grayed point
  • Arrow
  • Uppercase Letter
  • Lowercase Letter
  • Number
Bullet Point Symbols

Bullet Point/List Use Cases

The bullet point is very useful for different cases during documentation, texting, presentation, etc. Bullet points can be used for the following cases.

  • Creating note with multiple items
  • Listing items in presentations
  • Listing items in technical writing
  • Providing steps to implement some application
  • Technical writing
  • Listing references

Create Bullet Point/List For HTML

One of the most popular usage cases for bullet point is using HTML documents or web pages. We create different bullet points in web pages by using an HTML List tag. Below we can see a simple bullet list that is used to list countries with thick points.


<h2>Disc Bullets</h2>

<ul style="list-style-type:disc;">


HTML provides different styles for bullet list like disc, circle, square, number, letter. For more details take a look following post.

Create Bullet Point/List For Word

Microsoft Office Word is another popular case in order to use bullet points. We can put a bullet from the main toolbar like below.

MS Word Bullet Points

We can also use different bullet point style of the list from the bullet menu like below.

MS Word Bullet Points Styling

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