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SQL CAST() Function Tutorial - Cast and Convert A Value To A Specified Data Type In SQL 0

SQL CAST() Function Tutorial – Cast and Convert A Value To A Specified Data Type In SQL

MS SQL Server provides some functions in order to make database administrators life easier. A typical database store different type of values. In some cases, we may need to cast and convert these values into different data types. MS SQL provides CAST() function can be used to change data types. CAST() Function Syntax CAST() function has a simple syntax where we will provide the value and the type we want...

SQL UPDATE Statement and Query with Examples 0

SQL UPDATE Statement and Query with Examples

SQL databases provide structured data storage capabilities. We can store data in tables with columns and rows. Other useful features for SQL databases are update capabilities. We can update SQL databases data in different ways and constraints. In this tutorial, we will learn how to update database table data with an SQL UPDATE statement and query single record, multiple records or conditional situations with examples. SQL UPDATE Syntax SQL Update...


How To Create, Use and Delete SQL View?

SQL Programming language and SQL Database engines provide some useful mechanisms in order to make management of the data easier. SQL View is one of them which can be used to create a table from a SQL result set. What Is SQL View? SQL View is a virtual table which does not exist in a database physically. SQL View table is created from an SQL statement which is generally a...


How To Download And Install SQL Server Management Studio On Windows?

SQL Server is a service running on Windows operating systems. In order to manage this SQL server service and instances with GUI we need to install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Download Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio We will download the installer application from the following link. Start The Installation Process We will start downloaded installer and we will see following screen which is a welcome screen for the...


How To Download and Install MS SQL Server 2017 Express On Windows?

Microsoft SQL Server is provided with different licenses. Free version is named Express Edition . Express Edition is very useful if we need a little database. Download We will download the SQL Server 2017 Express Edition from following link which is provided by Microsoft. Start Installation We will download a simple install starter executable which is name SQLServer2017… . This will start the process and do not provide all...


SQL “Select Into” Statement Usage Tutorial

SQL provides different statements in order to select into existing table, variable, temp table in various database servers like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. In this tutorial we will examine how to use Select Into SQL statement for different cases. Syntax Select Into statement syntax is the same as with Select syntax. We just need to a INTO between SELECT and FROM. We can also use WHERE statement in order to filter rows.



How To Prevent SQL Injection in Php Applications?

I have an application and I have complex requests tot the server. There are a lot of database operations. Managing them can become very hard some times. In this situation how can I prevent sql injection attacks to my application. Use Prepared Statements Prepared statements are the way to bind client-side provided values with database queries. Prepared Data Object (PDO) acts middle proxy and prevents SQL injections. PDO is supported...


What is The Difference Between Inner and Outer Join?

Sql is the language where a lot of data can be get with different logic. In an enterprise environment we may need to use complex SQL queries to get meaningful data. Inner is one of the logic where we join two tables with different magic. Example Tables In order to understand Inner and Outer Joins we will use following example tables with their data. We will use two tables those...

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