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What Is Relational Database Management System (RDMS)?

What Is Relational Database Management System (RDMS)?

Database systems are an important part of the IT system. Relational Database Management System is a database that mainly stored data in a relational model by creating different relations between different data. Relational Database Management Systems simply called RDMS. RDMS mainly uses the Structured Query Language simply SQL in order to store and query data. … Read more

What Is A Query (Database Query)?

What Is A Query (Database Query)?

Query is a request to an information system to get information for the specific information in which parameters are defined inside the query. The query is mainly used as a database term where database servers are queried for different types of information. Query Parameters An information or database system generally provides a lot of different … Read more

SQL Comments Tutorial with Example

SQL Comments Tutorial with Example

SQL is a defacto language used to manage, query, select, filter data in a relational database. Similar to the programming languages SQL provides comments in order to make the SQL query or clause more readable and put some note. Single-Line Comments We will start with single-line comments. Double dash — is used to create a … Read more

SQL “Select Into” Statement Usage Tutorial

SQL provides different statements in order to select into existing table, variable, temp table in various database servers like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. In this tutorial we will examine how to use Select Into SQL statement for different cases. Syntax Select Into statement syntax is the same as with Select syntax. We just need to a … Read more

Redis Cli Tool

Redis have two main usage types. One is using API provided by redis these API’s can be used by different programming languages like Python, Php C#, Java etc. Other way to interact with redis is using cli tool named redis cli. Redis cli provides simple command line interface to test, use, troubleshot redis service. Specify … Read more

Install Redis To Linux, Ubuntu, Debian ,Fedora, CentOS, RedHat

Redis supports different operating system and Linux distributions. We will look how to install and start redis in Linux distributions Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS and RedHat in this tutorial. Install Fedora, CentOS, RedHat We can install redis server on Fedora, CentOS and RedHat with the following yum command. $ yum install redis -y Install Ubuntu, Debian … Read more

Redis Tutorial

Redis is open source BSD licensed database or key-value store. Redis provides fast and simple data store features mainly used for caching purposes in web applications. Redis is written in C programming language. Supported Data Structures Redis supports following data structures to store and retrieve data. string hash list set sorted set queries bitmap hyperloglog … Read more

How To Prevent SQL Injection in Php Applications?

I have an application and I have complex requests tot the server. There are a lot of database operations. Managing them can become very hard some times. In this situation how can I prevent sql injection attacks to my application. Use Prepared Statements Prepared statements are the way to bind client-side provided values with database … Read more