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What Is CAT5 Cable Standard with Features and CAT5 vs CAT6? 0

What Is CAT5 Cable Standard with Features and CAT5 vs CAT6?

CAT5 or Category 5 is a copper cable used in computer networks and cable TV. It is popularly used in Computer Network start Ethernet which is very popular in LAN computer networks. Cable standards like CAT5 are defined by the Electronic Industries Association and Telecommunications Industry Association simple EIA\TIA. The naming of the CAT5 comes from Category 5 because it is the 5th generation cable standard which is superior to...

What Is Raspberry Pi with Its Features, Uses Cases? 0

What Is Raspberry Pi with Its Features, Uses Cases?

Its name is a bit strange but Raspberry Pi is the common name of series of single-board computers. The creator of the Raspberry Pi has the same name as the board where it is the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The first version of the Raspberry Pi launched in 2012 with a configuration of 700 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM. During time 4 more main configuration is released and named with numbers...

HDMI Connector Types and Convertors 0

HDMI Connector Types and Convertors

HDMI is a standard used to connect different type of devices like Computer, laptop, satellite receiver, ChromeCast, entertainment systems with the monitor, Tv, presentation devices, etc. HDMI cables are used to pass video, audio and control signals. Both sides of the HDMI cable will have a connector with different subtypes in order to connect the target device. HDMI Connector Types HDMI cable is generally used in a standard way where...

What Is CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor)? 0

What Is CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor)?

CMOS is a short form of the complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor which is a small amount of memory generally used in computer motherboard, mainboard in order to store BIOS settings. CMOS can also be named as Real-Time Clock(RTC), CMOS RAM, Non-Volatile RAM(NVRAM), Non-Volatile BIOS Memory and COS-MOS. CMOS History First CMOS chip was used in early IBM computers. This CMOS chip was two main components RTC and CMOS RAM. This CMOS also...

What Is BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) and How To Access and Use? 0

What Is BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) and How To Access and Use?

Basic Input and Output System simply know as BIOS is the first thing which is loaded by the computer. BIOS is designed to initialize a computer properly and load the real full features operation system like Windows, Linux, etc. BIOS is a low-level software where it provides very little but crucial features for its users. BIOS Functions BIOS has some basic functions in order to start the computer and load...


What Is ROM (Read Only Memory)?

ROM stands or Read Only Memory. Memory is a component where we store information about the system. Read Only means we can only read information or data from memory and cannot change and write to the memory. Read Only Memory is especially useful when we only need some data to start a system or run simple tasks. ROM Types As ROM usage is very popular in computers, laptops, PC’s, servers,...


What Is A Server In Computing and Server Types?

The server is a computers type which consists of purposeful hardware and software used to provide different services to the clients.  Servers generally use different and special applications to provide services. A server can contain a single service or multiple services to serve. Types Of Servers There is a different type of servers. We can create a very long list which contains different types of servers but in this part,...


What Is CPU (Central Processor Unit) and How To List Detailed CPU Information?

Central Processing Unit or simply CPU is the heart of a computer or server. CPU is used to process most of the data the computer provides. CPU runs operating systems, applications, tools, hardware tools. CPU connected to the motherboard or mainboard via socket which provides a lot of pins to communicate with other components. CPU Components CPU has mainly two components. They are called as Control Unit (CU) which responsible...


What Is Motherboard and Motherboard Function?

The motherboard is the main component of a PC, Server, Laptop, Tablet which is used to connect different devices, components and peripherals to the system. It holds many of the crucial components of the system like CPU (Central Processor Unit), RAM (Memory), HDD (Hard Disk Drive), NIC (Network Interface Card), Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). Form Factor Mainboards have different size and structures designed for different type of devices like mobile,...


Linux lspci Command Tutorial with Examples

Linux provides lspci command in order to list PCI bus and devices information. This command will provide brief or detailed information about currently connected PCI devices like GPU, USB Card etc. Install For Ubuntu, Debian, Kali, Mint We can install lspci tool with the following command to the deb based distributions.

Install For Fedora, CentOS, Fedora In yum or dnf based distributions we can use the following command which...

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