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What Is Kbps (Kilobits Per Second)?

Kbps is a very popular term used in IT. Kbps is the short presentation of the Kilobits per second in order to specify the speed or data size which can be transmitted, executed, processed, etc. from the given service or device. Mostly Kbps is used to express the data transmission medium speed in computer networks. … Read more

What Is 802.11 Wireless LAN (WLAN) Standards?

What Is 802.11 Wireless LAN (WLAN) Standards?

Wireless technologies are the center of daily life. Wireless networks are used to transfer data between different devices. There are different wireless technologies where WLAN or WiFi is the most popular. In this tutorial, we will learn 802.11 WLAN technologies. IEEE 802.1 Wireless Local Area Networks Working Group Where comes the 802.1 WLAN term? It … Read more

What Is Computer Hardware and Components?

What Is Computer Hardware and Components?

A computer is an electronic device which can compute according to the provided input and software. Computer mainly consists of two main components named Computer Hardware and Computer Software. Computer Hardware provides physical facilities to run the computer software. Computer Types Before starting to describe the Computer hardware we have to learn computer types. Because … Read more

What Is A Router, Tips For Buying Routers and How Does It Work?

Technical or not most of the people know the router word. Those who know the router can understand a different thing from the word. In this tutorial, we will try to explain what is a router in a technical and non-technical way with router functions, router types and router security. What is a Router For? … Read more

Linux lspci Command Tutorial with Examples

Linux provides lspci command in order to list PCI bus and devices information. This command will provide brief or detailed information about currently connected PCI devices like GPU, USB Card etc. Install For Ubuntu, Debian, Kali, Mint We can install lspci tool with the following command to the deb based distributions. $ sudo apt install … Read more

How To Use Linux dmesg Command To Print System Logs?

dmesg is used to print and control kernel ring buffer. This explanation may be confusing for the most of the readers. Here simplified explanation. dmesg provides logs for troubleshoot, diagnose or save which is created by Linux kernel. It provides low level messages which is not logged by other subsystems. Provided Information Type dmesg command … Read more

Clone Windows and Linux Drives and Partitions with Clonezilla

Clone Windows and Linux Drives and Partitions with Clonezilla

Clonezilla is a very popular disk cloning and backup solution. Clonezilla provides a lot of different types of cloning capabilities. We can clone our source into SSH, FTP, SMB, WebDAV, or local file systems. In this tutorial, we will look at how to download Clonezilla and clone given partition to the remote file system. Clonezilla … Read more

How To Choose USB Wi-Fi Adapter and Best Wi-Fi Adaptors

Wi-fi is a wireless technology which provides network and internet connectivity for various devices. Wi-fi is used for Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones etc. Wi-fi is a evolving technology with new standards. Why We Need Wi-Fi? People are mobile creatures. We need to move in order to be healthy. Also we are free and do not want … Read more

USB (Universal Serial Bus) Versions, Types and Connectors

USB is a protocol emerged mid-1900s for connecting computer peripherals to the computer easily. At the time there are problems with other protocols like speed, plugin and play, comp-ability. USB is designed as universal protocol which can be used by most of the computer peripherals and companies. Now it most used connection type. Here list … Read more

How To Get System Serial Number, Manufacturer and Product Name In Linux with dmidecode Command?

I have a lot of systems work in data center. I have started to create inventory about this servers. I want to be everything is documented in this inventory. There are different tools to get information about the system chassis. In this tutorial we will look how to get information about chassis serial number, manufacturer … Read more