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Nmap Output

Output is important part of a scan because all gathered information will be shown. According to output next steps will be decided. In this chapter we will look nmap output features. Normal Output To A File Normal output is the default output which is normally written to the console. This output can be saved into  file with -oN option.

XML Output

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Nmap Timing and Performance

Performance is important part of the scan. Nmap developers always looks for optimized and adjustable performance options. Adjustable scan performance is important because scanning big networks will require a lot of time to complete job. As a security analyzer or pentester time is important for us. Set Host Group Count Nmap have the ability to scan multiple hosts in parallel.

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Nmap Operating System Detection

One of the most popular feature of nmap is its Operating System detection from network packets values. To get reliable detection result at least one port of the target should be open. Enable Operating System Detection Operating system (OS) detection can be enable with -O . On the other side -A parameter also provides operating system information. To use operating system detection nmap command

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Nmap Script and Version Scan

Nmap provides script scanning which gives nmap very flexible behavior to get more information and test about the target host. This feature is called Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE). NSE gives user the ability to write scripts for test. Lua is programming language supported by NSE. NSE have some vulnerability detection scripts too. NSE have categories to make things tidy.  Here

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Nmap Host Discovery

Before start any port, script or version scan hosts should be discovered. Only discovered hosts will be scanned by port,service or version. List Scan List scan will do not send any packet to the targets and only show dns names of the targets by resolving them.

We use -sL flag and the ip address of host/network.

We get that dns

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Nmap Target Specification

Requirement for scanning is target specification. Nmap provides different methodologies to set targets. Single Host Address This is the simplest and mostly used target specification. We only provide single ip address. is the target ip address Dns Name Nmap can use DNS names as targets. It will resolve DNS addresses into ip addresses. Be sure that DNS is working

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How To Install Nmap

As a popular security tool a lot of Linux distribution includes it as package. Which means it can be downloaded from distribution specific package manager. Here are some of them Fedora/RedHat/Centos



Windows Windows have pre-build binaries and can be downloaded from here Install From Source Nmap can be installed from source. Source code can be

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What is Default Gateway and How To Find Current Default Gateway In Windows and Ubuntu?

Default gateway is a network term used to specify a special host which is used to to access other networks. Default gateway is also called as default route. One of the other popular use case for default gateway is using to access to the internet. Default Gateway IP Address Network administrators manages the default gateway IP address and they generally

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