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“No Route To Host” Error And Solution

"No Route To Host" Error And Solution

While trying to ping or connect a remote host I can an error “no route to host”. How can I debug this error and solve it? As we know IP networks are constructed hop by hop which means there are different intermediate routers transmit packets between two remote hosts. These routers decide the route to … Read more

How To Get Mac Addresses Of Hosts With Nmap?

Nmap is a very useful tool. It is used by penetration testers mainly but from an operation perspective, it is used by system administrators too. Nmap has a lot of different features. The mac-related feature can be used to get mac addresses of the hosts in the same network segment. I can be used to … Read more

How To Install Gns3 To Fedora?

Gns3 very useful tool to simulate real networks and systems. In the first days of its Gns3 was simple Cisco IOS image emulator. But recent years its development has gained momentum. This made Gns3 a multi-platform, flexible real-world simulator. Gns3 supports systems like Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Pfsense, Docker, etc. In this tutorial, we will … Read more

How Configure Cisco For Logging?

How Configure Cisco For Logging?

Hi, collecting logs are important. In my daily job, I am working with logs about a lot of systems like WMware, Application, Linux, Windows, Cisco, checkpoint, pfSense. Logs provide info about the system, application, etc. Security incident management systems heavily rely on logs. Example Log Logs consist of date system name and event detail like … Read more

Introduction To Squid Proxy Tutorial with Examples

Introduction To Squid Proxy Tutorial with Examples

Proxy is an intermediate system that manages communication between two systems. In web applications, an HTTP proxy is mostly used type. The client makes a request to the proxy and then proxy makes the request to the server behalf of the client. So we may think that why we need an intermediary system for this … Read more

How To Configure RIP Routing For Cisco IOS?

How To Configure RIP Routing For Cisco IOS?

Hi, today we will look for some networking stuff. Up to now, I have not written any routing-related technical post. In this article, I am gonna show you some simple dynamic routing with RIP protocol. Routing is divided into two part which one is static. In static routing, routes are configured in the router by … Read more

Introduction To Scapy Network Packet Generator

Scapy is a tool for network protocol, package generation and manipulation and showing them in a visual way with graphics and 3D images. There are tools equivalent like hping3 but scapy is very flexible against it. Scapy can manipulate all data of general protocols like IP, Ethernet, tcp, udp etc. If you have a network … Read more

How To Find External or Wan IP Address Without Browser?

Sometimes I need external IP address of system I am logged on. The general solution is to use browser and search for “what is my address” . And magically google shows the external IP. But if you have no chance to use browser or especially GUI there must be an alternative for this. Here is  … Read more

How To Delete Route In Ubuntu Linux?

I have some route in my routing table. But I want to delete one route from routing table. How can accomplish this? List Existing Routes To get detailed information about route that will be removed we list the existing routes in our system. $ sudo ip route show default via dev ens3 dev … Read more

How To Add or Change Default Route or Default Gateway in Ubuntu, Linux?

Systems connected to the network will generally access to the internet. In order to access to the internet they need some network configuration like gateway or default gateway. In this tutorial we will examine how to add or change default gateway in Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Mint, Kali operating systems. List Routing Table Routing table … Read more