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What Is String Data Type In JavaScript, Java, Python, C# , PHP, C, C++, PowerShell Programming Languages?

String is a very popular data type which can be used in different programming languages like JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, PHP, C, C++, PowerShell.  String is mainly used to store characters like a text. Alternative data types are an integer, floating point, etc where they are mainly used for mathematical calculations. For example “I am visiting”  is a string which completely consists of the alphabet. “I visit 2...


Best Linux Hex Editors

Linux provides a lot of command line tools for easy and practical use. Hex editor packages are some of them. In this tutorial we will look hex editor which can be used to edit files especially binary files in hexadecimal format. Xxd Xxd is very popular hex editor between Linux application developers and system administrators. It provides basic hex editor features. More detailed can be get from following tutorial. How...


Best Free Hex Editors For Windows

There are different type of editors used to change given files context. Most of the computer users aware of text editors. But there are other less known editors used by different professions. Hex editors are mainly used by reverse engineers, system administrators, applications developers etc. What is Hex or Hexadecimal Editor Hex editors used to edit files where these files are generally structured in hexadecimal format. The logic is the...

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