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Git Config Command Tutorial - with Username, Password, Email, Alias Examples 0

Git Config Command Tutorial – with Username, Password, Email, Alias Examples

Git is a Source Code Management (SCM) tool which is used by a lot of developers. Git is the most popular SCM against SVN, Mercurial, CVS, etc. Git provides a lot of features and related configuration. Git is designed to be flexible with different configurations. git config command provides different usages like changing user name, email address, coloring, HTTP proxy, alias, etc. Help Information We can print git config help...


What Is String Data Type In JavaScript, Java, Python, C# , PHP, C, C++, PowerShell Programming Languages?

String is a very popular data type which can be used in different programming languages like JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, PHP, C, C++, PowerShell.  String is mainly used to store characters like a text. Alternative data types are an integer, floating point, etc where they are mainly used for mathematical calculations. For example “I am visiting”  is a string which completely consists of the alphabet. “I visit 2...


How To Reset Git Head?

Git version control tool provides reset functionality in order to clear all uncommitted changes and revert to the last commit. This action is called as “reset head”. In this tutorial, we will learn how to Git reset head with different features and examples. List Changes From The Last Commit Before resetting to the head we will list current changes in our active branch. We will use git status command which will...


How To Clone Git Branch Command Tutorial with Examples?

git clone command is used to clone branches and git repositories. In this tutorial, we will learn how to clone a git branch in different ways. We will learn clone single branch, clone to a specific folder, clone specific tag etc in this tutorial. List Branches We will start by listing branches. In order to copy branch, we need to list the branches. We will just use branch command which will...


Git Status – Show The Working Tree Status

The git status command is used to display the state of the current working directory and staging area. git status command will list staged changes, current changes. It will not list any history related information. List Tracked and Untracked Files We will start with a simple git status usage. We do not provide any option. This will list tracked and untracked files in a git repository.

Show In Short...


How To Remove Untracked Files In Git?

As Git source code versioning software uses tracked and untracked terms to track files. We untracked files are generally added newly to the repository but there may be some bulk files those are unnecessary to version. In this tutorial, we will learn different ways to remove untracked files with Git. List Files To Be Deleted Before deleting untracked files and folders we will list untracked files and folders. We will use...


How To List Commit History with Git Log Command with Examples?

Git source code versioning tool provides a lot of features. One of the most important and useful features is log or history. We can use git log command in order to list, filter, view commit history in different ways. In this tutorial we will examine git log command usage in detail with examples. List Commit History We will start with git  log command without any parameter. This will list all...


How To Create and Manage New Branch with Git?

Git branch mechanism is important part of the code versioning. We can create new branches in order to make same source available multiple development paths. In this tutorial we will learn how to create and manage new branch with Git. List Branches We will start by listing current existing branches. We will use git branch command without any option or parameter. Branch which prefixed with * is the current working...


How To List Local and Remote Git Branches?

Git branches provides very useful way to work with a project in multi developer mode. Every developer can use different or his branch to implement new features and then merge them into a main branch. In this tutorial we will learn how to list and print branch information.These branches can be local or remote too. Print/Show Current Branch First step to get or list branch is printing or showing current...


How to Install Git on Linux, Mac or Windows?

Git is tool and concept developed by Linux Torvals. Git is free and open source distributed version control system. It has tiny footprint with lignhtning fast performance. It is very good alternative to the SVC, SVN or similar version control systems. It is mainly used by software developers in order to control different software versions. In this tutorial we will learn how to install Git on Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint,...

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