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HTML Div Tag Usage Tutorial with Examples 0

HTML Div Tag Usage Tutorial with Examples

&lt;div&gt; is a very useful and popular HTML tag. <div> is mainly used to group multiple HTML elements and provide some attributes to this group of elements. As a popular and longtime tag, it is supported by all of the web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge/Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc. Define Div <div> Element A div element can be defined with starting and closing tags &lt;div&gt; and &lt;/div&gt;. ...

How To Change Font Color with CSS in HTML? 0

How To Change Font Color with CSS in HTML?

Cascading Style Sheet or CSS is used to change attributes of the HTML elements. We can change font size, color, shape, size, length, etc with CSS. In this tutorial, we will learn how to change the font color of different elements in HTML with CSS. Syntax Font color has very simple syntax where we use tag and color attributes with the color data in 3 different representation format name, hex...

How To Parse JSON with JSON.parse() JavaScript Function? 0

How To Parse JSON with JSON.parse() JavaScript Function?

JSON is a very popular data format which is mainly used in web applications in order to transmit data in a common format. JSON is an ASCII or non-binary format which is human readable. JavaScript generally used to create, use, consume JSON type data. JSON.parse() is a function which is used to parse JSON structured data. Example JSON Data During the JSON parse tutorial, we will use the following example...

HTML Comments: How To Create and Use In HTML Code? 0

HTML Comments: How To Create and Use In HTML Code?

HTML is a very popular scripting or coding language used to create web pages. HTML provides different tags in order to create different units like textbox, color, paragraph, list, etc. While using HTML we may need to put some information about the code and tags. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create comments. Single Line Comment HTML comments are created with the <!– and –> tags. <!– is...


What Is String Data Type In JavaScript, Java, Python, C# , PHP, C, C++, PowerShell Programming Languages?

String is a very popular data type which can be used in different programming languages like JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, PHP, C, C++, PowerShell.  String is mainly used to store characters like a text. Alternative data types are an integer, floating point, etc where they are mainly used for mathematical calculations. For example “I am visiting”  is a string which completely consists of the alphabet. “I visit 2...


How To Display and Input Data From User Window Prompt in HTML and JavaScript?

HTML Dom or JavaScript programming language provides Window.prompt()  which display a dialog with an optional message prompting the user to input some text. prompt() function is very useful for getting data from the user in real time or interactively. There are different ways to accomplish user data input from the browser but this is the simplest and easy way. Syntax and Parameters window.prompt() function has the following syntax where we...


How To Use Google Chrome Commands?

Google Chrome is the most popular browser used around the world. Google Chrome supports platforms like Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android etc. Google Chrome uses Omnibox address bar which can be used access to the Chrome features and settings easily. Settings – chrome://settings We can use the following command in order to list current Chrome settings.

Search Engine – Settings – chrome://settings/searchEngines Chrome comes with a default search engine which is...


HTTP 403 Forbidden Status Code and Fix Error

HTTP protocol uses HTTP status codes in order to provide information about the requests. There are different type of status codes like 100, 200, 300, 400 etc. All of them have different meaning and subcodes like 403. In this tutorial we will examine the 403 Forbidden Error Code . Example Response Here is some example response about HTTP 403 Forbidden. This code is compatible with all major browsers.

AND other...

How To Redirect HTML Web Page Into Another URL? 1

How To Redirect HTML Web Page Into Another URL?

HTML is a language used to build web pages. Web pages have a dynamic nature where it can change during time. One of the most popular change cases is redirecting given web page to another web page. This is simply called we page redirect. In this tutorial, we will examine the redirect process in different ways, languages, and technologies. HTML Redirect The most popular and basic for web page redirect...


How To Redirect Http To Https In Apache and Nginx

Http is popular protocol used to transfer web page data like HTML, Javascript, Image etc. HTTP is used between our browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer and server like Apache, Nginx etc. HTTPS is secure version of HTTP and recently sites transition to the HTTPS. But what is a user try to access HTTP of our web site. We can redirect HTTP web sites to the HTTPS. Below you...

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