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How To Install Perl Modules With CPAN?

Perl is a old and popular scripting language. Todays Python is preferred over Perl but there are a lot of useful tools   used already by system administrators. There are generally problem of dependency for Perl scripts. Here we will look how to install required Perl modules in to Linux. Install Via CPAN CPAN is very good solution to install

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How To Install Numpy For Linux?

Python is modern, interpreted language used various areas. One area of python is big data and graphics. Python has a lot of 3 party libraries to draw graphics. Today I needed graphics library named Numpy. Numpy can be installed from different sources. But using pip is one way to install most up-to-date version. Install Python Development Libraries Python libraries are

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How To Generate Random Numbers In Linux?

Generating random numbers can be seem odd. But it is very important for security. In security field whatever best cipher or algorithm you use if you can’t generate random numbers it is useless from point of view of security. So how can we generate random numbers in Linux environment. Generate With urandom File urandom is a device which resides under the

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How To Check Java Version

Java is very popular programming language between open source community. Java is used for a lot of opensource projects. To run java applications it Java Run time Environment or Java Development Kit should be installed. We can check specific version java like below. Java Command Not Found

Oh there is a problem. java command cannot be found which means it is

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Bash Infinite Loop Shell Linux

How can write infinite shell that will run forever? May be I need a 5 second sleep between steps. Recently I have a issue with my routing table and I need to remove some route automatically every 5 minutes. I came up with a solution that runs every 4 minutes and clears unwanted routes. While Infinite Loop There are a

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How To Check Whether A File Exists Using Python?

Python programming language provides different ways to check file existence. In this tutorial we will examine functions like isFile() and exists() to check file existence. Import os.path Module In order to use isFile() and exists() functions we need to import the os.path module which contains these functions.

isFile() Method isfile() is a function in os.path library. This function will be return true if the

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How To Find Python Version?

I want to run some python scripts but want to learn version of the python installed on the system. How can I do that? This works almost all operating systems from Windows to Linux, from Mac OS to Bsd. Get Version Of Default Python Interpreter We can get default python interpreter version like below. As we know that if the

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