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What Is A Computer Virus?

What Is A Computer Virus?

A computer virus is a special computer program that tries to replicate itself by modifying other computer programs and try to infect as much as it can. Computer viruses are unintended programs that generally run without user acceptance by hiding themselves. Computer viruses are created by hackers or Black Hat Hackers in order to gain … Read more

What Is White Hat Hacker?

What Is White Hat Hacker?

Before starting to talk about White, Grey and Black Hat Hackers we should learn the real meaning of the Hacker . Actually hacker is not a bad person or hacking is not a malicious action. Hacking simply means working with a specific electrical or digital device, service or system in an unusual way. Hackers are … Read more

How To Create New User and Set, Grant Permissions To User In MySQL and MariaDB?

How To Create New User and Set, Grant Permissions To User In MySQL and MariaDB?

MySQL provides the ability to create and users from its shell. Security is an important part of the database servers. In this tutorial, we will examine how to create users and manage privileges in MySQL database server. We will specifically learn to restrict user access to a database, database server, grant different types of privileges, … Read more

Security Roles and Responsibilities In Security Governance

Security role is the part where an individual plays in a complete organization security implementation and administration. In this tutorials different security roles and responsibilities in an organization. Senior Manager Senior Manager is responsible for all organization security. Senior Manager will have following roles and responsibilities Sign off all policy issues Endorse security policy Sole … Read more

Data Classification and Categorization with Benefits

Data classification is important part of the ISO 27001 and Enterprise Security Governance. Data classification will set labels and categories to the given data types. These types will be used to set secrecy, sensitivity, confidentiality levels. If we set all data high security level or classification this will create high cost and operational complexity and … Read more

Introduction To Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)

There are a lot of security certifications in the IT sector. But only some of them are very prestigious and popular. Perhaps the most known and most respected security certificate is Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) certification. In this post we will get generally information about certification steps, topics, price etc. Information Systems Security … Read more

What is Penetration Test? What Are Penetration Test Phases?

Modern days IT needs are changed according to 80’s and 90’s. In the old days just operating IT was enough for success but today’s situation it is changed. We need to secure the IT environment to in order to be successful. There are different methodologies, standard, architectures to design, plan, implement, evolve the security of … Read more

How To Install Tenable Nessus into Kali?

Nessus is very good tool to manage vulnerabilities or vulnerability scanning. How can I install Nessus into my dpkg based pentest box? My distro my Debian, Ubuntu, Kali etc. Get License Key First step is license key. In old days Nessus was provided by Kali distribution as home version. There was no day limit of … Read more

Dymerge Dictionary Merge Tool

During penetration test one of the test component is brute forcing critical data like password, hash, key etc. One way to brute force is using dictionaries or word list. There are a lot of dictionary in the internet and we generally need to merge them. Dymerge is a security tool used to merge different wordlists … Read more

Google Dork or Search Hacking Tutorial

There are a lot of different tools that helps us while making security tests, security assessment or hacking ;). These tools are sometimes open source sometimes paid software. Google is one of the tool that is used for security tests. It may seem ridicules but it is correct. We will see how google can be … Read more