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Things To Do With Computer When Bored

We work for earn money. We consume our time for money but sometimes we may be bored. Changing current work will made us more happy and will refresh our mind. Here we will provide...


Pip ffi.h Gcc Error

While installing something from PIP there may be an error something like

How To Get Runnig VM Ip Address in Kvm/Libvirt 0

How To Get Runnig VM Ip Address in Kvm/Libvirt

There are times when we start virtual machine and want to get ip address quickly without open any gui or connecting virtual machines console. Here is the tip.


How To Shuffle/Randomize Array in PHP

There are different ways to randomly select elements of an array in PHP. But recurring elements are biggest problem most of them. Here the clean and PHP library supported solution for this.



How To Run Parallel Jobs/Process/Programs in Bash

We generally run jobs in bash in serial order. There is another way to run jobs which is named parallel. Running parallel means multiple jobs run at the same time.

We can see...


Linux Print History Command Without Line Numbers

Linux history command is used to get previously used commands by the current user. Default size for the history command is 1000 which means that last 1000 command will be stored in the history....

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