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Tcp and Udp Port List, Names and Usage Frequency

Nmap tool provides popular ports list as a database where this list is also used in network and service scans. Here is the list but before we will look the command which will list ports according to the popularity. Nmap Top Ports Listing We can use sort command in order to...


Vim, Vi End of File and Line

Vim and its predecessor Vi are popular command line based text editors. There are a lot of functionality those text editor provides. In this post we will look how to move cursor end of line and end of line. One Shot End Of Line We can move cursor to the...

Raid 5 vs Raid 10 0

Raid 5 vs Raid 10

Redundant Array of Independent Drives or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks RAID is a technique used to make storage reliable and fast. RAID architecture generally needs extra equipment to implement. These equiment can be enterprise level high price RAID controller or cheap home use integrated RAID chips. Types of RAID...


Linux Mint

Mint is Linux operating system which is based Ubuntu. Mint uses Ubuntu packages and ads some tricks to make things modern, elegant and comfortable. Mint is popular operating system which can be seen from web page. What Makes Mint Different Out of box multimedia and codec support Free, no...


How To Check Integrity Of Files?

In today IT world everything connected and a lot of data in being downloaded from internet or over networks. This may create some minor problems. The data donwloaded may be corrupted or there may be some intruders in network and with man of the middle attack may change our files....


What is File System Block And Super Block?

Block is segment of data that contains data for file, binary, dll,metadata etc. Block are used to store information about files. Some blocks hold metadata about file system and called super block. Super Block Super block is segment of metadata that contains information about the file system on a block...


How To Repair Ext2, Ex3, Ext4 File System In Linux?

Linux file systems are generally robust and works very well. But it can happen errors rarely. How can we check and fix these file system errors? Fsck is a check and repair utility for Linux file systems. Fsck can check and repair one or more file system. File system can...


How To Find Large Files In Linux

I have linux servers that stores temprorary files. Some times clearing them became a headache how can I find large files and clear them. There are different ways to find large files in linux. We will look with examples how to find and run command on large files below Find...


How To Configure Cisco Routers and Switches Password

Hi, today we will look to configure cisco routers and switches with password. It may be seen trivial but very important for security, because a lot of issues a password related. Network devices use a lot of protocols to work and this protocols needs security. Authentication resides in security and...


How To Get Volume Information of VM in Libvirt

To get volume info from virsh use the following command from virsh

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