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How To Download, Install JDK (Java Development Kit) On Windows? 0

How To Download, Install JDK (Java Development Kit) On Windows?

Java Development Kit or JDK is a tool kit used to develop Java applications. Java programming language uses this toolkit to load libraries, class, functions, etc. JDK also provides a compiler for the Java programming language which can compile Java source code into Java byte code or Java binary. JDK also provide the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) which is used to run Java application or Java bytecode. Oracle JDK Oracle...

What Is Software? 0

What Is Software?

Software is some applications where it provides instructions to complete a specific job in a computer. Software is the most generic term used for computer applications, programs, scripts, tools, etc. Software History The first time software is proposed by Alan Turing in 1935 in his essay “Computable numbers with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem”. But the word of the software was coined by John Tukey in a 1958 issue of...

What Is Computer Domain and Domain Name Definition? 0

What Is Computer Domain and Domain Name Definition?

domain is a very popular term used in computer and information technology. Users generally do not know or misinterpret the domain keyword meaning. The domain can be used in different areas of computer science. In this tutorial, we will learn Domain meaning and types with the purpose and difference with the Domain and Hosting. Domain Types Domain definition can be used in different areas in computer science or information technology....

How To Download, Install, Update To The Latest DirectX 0

How To Download, Install, Update To The Latest DirectX

DirectX a software package where provides multimedia related functionalities, libraries and applications in Windows operating systems. Generally, DirectX provides different functionalities for audio and video with some game accessories. In this tutorial, we will learn how to update DirectX in Windows operating systems. Why Update DirectX DirectX is a core component of the Windows operating systems. So all Windows Desktop operating systems come with DirectX preinstalled. So why update it?...

npm Download, Install and Usage Tutorial 0

npm Download, Install and Usage Tutorial

nodejs is a popular javascript platform and framework which provides server and client-side libraries. What makes nodejs so successful is its package manager named npm or nodejs package manager. npm provides easily install, update and remove packages and load libraries according to the application configuration. Install Npm Package For Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali We can install npm package with the apt command where Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali distributions support.



How To Use Python Pip Command and Tutorial with Examples?

Pip is the package manager for Python programming language and framework. Python uses packages and modules in order to provide libraries and functions. These packages provided by the Python Package Index or PyPI. PyPI is called a repository index for Python software. PyPI helps us to find and install software developed and shared by the Python community. Python Package Python is a very simple programming language where its package or...


How To Download, Install, Use Windirstat To List Disk Usage Statistics, For Files, Directories On Windows?

Windirstat is a tool used to list, print disk, file, and folder size and related statistics on Windows operating systems. Actually, Windirstat is a clone of the Kdirstat which is developed for Linux distributions for KDE desktop environment where the K came from. The latest version of the WinDirStat is which is released January 28, 2019. Features We will examine the features of WinDirStat in detail below but here...


What Is A Server In Computing and Server Types?

The server is a computers type which consists of purposeful hardware and software used to provide different services to the clients.  Servers generally use different and special applications to provide services. A server can contain a single service or multiple services to serve. Types Of Servers There is a different type of servers. We can create a very long list which contains different types of servers but in this part,...


How To Start Browsers Like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Explorer In Incognito Mode?

Privacy is an important topic of today IT. We as a human being needs privacy to protect our life private from others and companies. We use browsers in our daily life and put a lot of private or personal data on the browser. In order to protect our privacy, we can use browsers incognito mode like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use...


How To Download and Install Opera Browser On Windows and Linux?

Opera Browser is a long-running browser which is not popular to much but used a lot of people. Opera provides different user experience than Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install Opera Browser to the Windows and Linux operating system. Opera Features Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge are very good and extensible browsers. They provide plugins for Free VPN, Ad Blocker,...

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