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CentOS ISO/DVD Download Links and Different Versions

CentOS is a Linux operating system or Linux distribution which is open source versions of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux or RHEL. CentOS is 100% compatible with the RHEL and most of the packages of the RHE provided by CentOS.

CentOS Release History

CentOS version numbers start from 3 where it was the clone of the RHEL 3.

  • `CentOS 3`is released on 19 March 2004.
  • `CentOS 4`is released on 9 March 2005.
  • `CentOS 5`is released on 12 April 2007.
  • `CentOS 6`is released on 10 July 2011.
  • `CentOS 7`is released on 7 July 2014.
  • `CentOS 8`is released on 24 September 2019.

CentOS Download Mirrors

CentOS is a very popular project which is supported by a lot of different organizations. In order to make the download faster and ease a load of main CentOS servers, mirrors are used around the world. These supporting organizations like universities, companies, persons, ISPs, etc creates a mirror to download CentOS images. We can list the images according to the location, region or sponsor from the following link.


CentOS Download Mirrors
CentOS Download Mirrors

Alternatively, we can also list mirrors according to the CentOS versions from the following link.


CentOS Download Mirrors
CentOS Download Mirrors

CentOS ISO/DVD Versions and Download Links

CentOS project provides different flavors of the CentOS Linux distribution for different use cases. Let’s examine the CentOS ISO download versions.

CPU Architecture

The server, PC or system architecture which should be selected properly. x86_64 is the most used and popular CPU architecture which is most downloaded for regular PCs, servers, laptops, workstations, etc.


CentOS ISO/DVD Achitecture
CentOS ISO/DVD Achitecture







DVD/ISO Size and Installation Method

CentOS DVD or image ISO can be download for different flavors before CentOS 8. With the CentOS 8, two main versions are provided where they can be customized for different desktop environments or installation.

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Netinstall or Boot ISO

Netinstall only contains basic packages in order to download and install CentOS’s latest packages.


Alternatively, we can use Torrent in order to download the netinstall or boot iso.


Live DVD or Installation DVD

We can use Live DVD or Installation DVD from a single ISO image which is provided with the following links.



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