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How To Change Cisco IOS Time

Hi. Today we will look for changing system time and prompt.  You may think that what is the relation between system time and prompt, you are right there is no relation 🙂 . System time is important for network devices because logs get meaning with them and acl, vpn time limitations works truly with them. In order to change the system time we need enable mod not configure but I know it is surprising. As you can see time is read from hardware clock.

Print Date and Time

If your hardware clock is true you can use it.

Set Time and Date

But if we need to set clock manually we have to give full time manually like below.

Set Timezone

So we setup our time but to make it work correctly trough the year we need to configure our time zone. Some times according to our time zone we need summer time. Use this web site for time zone info.

Set Prompt

To change non configuration modes prompt. You can also set default which is #

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