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How Change Run Levels In Linux?

Run Level is preset operating state in Linux systems. Different run levels have different behaivour. How can we change these run levels easily? What are these run levels?

Run Levels

We will explain the run levels and their meanings in this section

  • Run Level 0 is shutdown position. Linux system is powered off. Linun systems run levels transitioned to 0 to shut down.
  • Run Level 1 is single user mode there is no network and used rarely
  • Run Level 2 is multi user mode but there is no network file system. This level is used rarely too
  • Run Level 3 is default mode for the most of the Linux servers. There is no gui but all other services and features are functional
  • Run Level 4 is user defined
  • Run Level 5 is multi user GUI mode default for most of the user systems.
  • Run Level 6 is used to reboot system

How To Change Run Level

Run levels can be changed easily. To change run level root privilege is required.

This will change current run level to run level 3

Boot With Run Level 6

We can reboot Linux system by changing to run level 6 like below

This is the same as reboot command

Run Level  With Systemctl

In the old days init was the ruler of the run levels. But times have changed. Now systemctl is the emperor. All most all run level related operations are done with systemctl.

Get Current Run Level With Systemctl

We can get current run level with systemctl like below

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  • As you guess multi.user is equal to run level 3

Change Run Level With Systemctl

We can change run level with systemctl by providing systemctl targets like below

  • isolate parameters changes the run level to

Set Default Run Level With Systemctl

We can set default run level with systemctl. Default runlevel is start when computer boot. I we want to not start GUI we can change the default run level to like below

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