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Changing Cisco Hostname and Disabling Cisco Domain Look Up

Today we will look for setting Cisco devices hostname and then disable domain lookup. The hostname is used to identify devices in a meaningful and easy way.

Change Hostname

First, we change the hostname to and then fall back to default hostname which is Switch

S1#configure terminal
S1(config)#hostname hostname

Enable Domain Lookup

First, we enable domain lookup which is enabled by default and then disable domain-lookup

Switch(config)#ip domain-lookup
Switch(config)#no ip domain-lookup

We can check the current status of domain lookup by filtering running-config where a filter is “domain”. As you can see domain look up is disabled. Then we change to the default value and then filter again the running-config so there is no line about domain lookup which means it is enabled by default as we said before.

Print Hostname Configuration

Switch#show running-config | include domain
no ip domain-lookup
ip domain-name ismail
Switch(config)#default ip domain-lookup
Switch#show running-config | i domain
Switch#show running-config | i domain
ip domain-name ismail

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