How To Check Integrity Of Files?


In today IT world everything connected and a lot of data in being downloaded from internet or over networks. This may create some minor problems. The data donwloaded may be corrupted or there may be some intruders in network and with man of the middle attack may change our files. There are different solutions for this but simples and fastest solution is using hash algorithms to verify file integrity. There are different hash function to use but MD5 and SHA1 is popular ones

Download Nmap

We will download nmap from nmap servers like below.

Get Hash Values From Site

We will calculate hash of downloaded file nmap-7.31.tgz 

Here is the contents of the hash file

Calculate Hash

Calculate hash of file like below.

As we see bigger sha version creates longer hash because they are more secure.

If we check calculated hash and web site provided hash we can see that everything is ok

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