How To Check Memory Usage Of Linux


Linux operating system is popular with its efficient memory usage. Also linux operating systems provide a lot of details about their memory usage. In this tutorial we will look into details of the memory usage information. There are different ways to get memory usage information. Alternatively we can call this RAM usage. Because in the static most of the information is  about RAM

Get Information With free

free is very easy and lane comamd to get basic information about Linux operating system memory usage. Here is linux free memory.

  • We have 1 GB ram and 441 MB of this ram is currently used.
  • There is no swap memory

Human Readable Memory

We can show memory usage with free more human readable by changing KB to GB like below. -h parameters makes this magic.

Getting Information With top

top command is very detailed and interactive tool to get memory usage information.

top is a real time tool so it will update table by default in 2 seconds. To list  processes with top according to memory usage use 

gnome-shell is number one process in memory consumption with %15.3 and other processes listed descending.

We can see at the top KiB Mem: line there is existing memory size and current general usage.

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