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What is chmod 755 and 700

chmod is Linux command used to change file permissions. chmod changes user, group and other read, write and execute permission. chmod 755 is popular use case for chmod . chmod 755 is generally used to make most of the operations without problem because it provides ease for system administrators while running applications.

chmod 755

755 can be separated as

  • 7 user can read, write, execute
  • 5 group can read and execute
  • 5 others can read and execute

chmod 700

700 can be separated as

  • 7 user can read, write, execute
  • 0 group can not do anything
  • 0 others can not do anything


Linux file system permissions provides two type of representation. One is using number we have all ready examined. Another presentation form for 755 is rwxr-xr-x . This is simple read , write and execute permissions.


If we do not have required permissions as a normal user we need to get required privileges with the sudo command. We can also use chmod 755 with  sudo . In some situations we must use sudo because our current user rights will not meet required privileges.

$ sudo chmod 755 bin

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