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Compare Lubuntu vs Xubuntu

Ubuntu provides different type of sub distributions. Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Edubuntu etc. Especially Xubuntu and Lubuntu are preferred because of their simplycity and low system resource usage. In this tutorial we will compare Lubuntu and Xubuntu side by side.

What is Lubuntu?

Lubuntu is based on Lxde desktop environment. Lubuntu team is integrated Lxde into Ubuntu very well. Lubuntu can be downloaded from following link.

What is Xubuntu?

Xubuntu is based on Xfce desktop environment. Xubuntu provides all features of its desktop upstream Xfce.

Minimum Requirements

In order to work without problem in a low level the minimum requirements should be met. As stated before Xubuntu and Lubuntu needs less resources than other desktop environments like Unity, KDE, Gnome.


256 MB Ram


512 MB RAM, 7.5 GB Disk

Lubuntu For Less Resources and Simplicity

LXDE provides less tools than Xfce which is the same for the Lubuntu and Xubuntu. But I like the leanness of the Lubuntu. It provides a lot of tools  for daily usage without braking the simplicity. Also Lxde is very well integrated into Ubuntu which makes is first class citizen in the different flavors of the Ubuntu.

Lubuntu For Less Resources and Simplicity

Lubuntu For Less Resources and Simplicity

Xubuntu For More Tools and Completeness

Xfce desktop is more complete than LXDE. It requires a little bit more resources than LXDE but gives back the real eye-candy and useability. I generally prefer Xubuntu over Lubuntu because it provides more tools.

Xubuntu For More Tools and Completeness

Xubuntu For More Tools and Completeness

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