How to Configure Cisco Device and User Modes


We have an Cisco device. We want to configure it from command line interface. How can we accomplish that?

Connecting Device

There is different ways to connect device. It can be changed according to device capabilities. But command line interface is de facto for configuration. We connect to device with telnet.

Unprivileged Mode

Cisco devices have generally 3 modes to administrator them. The least privileged mode is unprivileged mode. Where there is minimal and no configuration related commands like ping.

Enable Mode

Enable mode have more capabilities according to unprivileged mode. But network related configıration van not be done from this mode.

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We enter enable mode like below

Here is some help about enable mode commands

Configuration Mode

Configuration is highest level of Cisco IOS. This mode is level 15. We can do anything we want in the device. Manage interfaces, change routing protocol values, enable stp etc.

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