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How To Crack Password with John The Ripper Incremental Mode

This is the most powerful cracking mode. Keep in mind that generally cracking will never end in this mode if there is no password because combinations are too large.

Configurations about Incremental Mode can be found in configuration file [Incremental:MODE] section.

  • –incremental is used to specify incremental Mode

Set Only Numeric Chars for Word List

We can set only numeric characters to crack like below.

  • digits will fire numeric wordlist. Default numeric range is from 0 to  99999999999999999999

Set Target Account

To crack only specified account in the hashes -u  can be used

  • -u  root is the account we want ot crack

Cracking Files Parallel

We can crack multiple hashes simultneously like below. Just add new files.

  • unshadow1,2,3 crack all of them please

Use ASCII Characters For Word List

We can use different word list for incremental Mode. As we states before look /etc/john/john.conf for more details. We will use only ASCII characters in this example

Show Specific User Cracked Password

We can show only specified users cracked password like below.

echo '

  • –user sets account name
  • –show shows all ready cracked password

Piping or Saving John Output

We can use bash operators to save john output easily to a file.

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