How To Create Installation, Live Usb For Linux


There are different methods to write and image into medium and use it to open a computer. In the old days there way floppy disks. The main method was using floppy disks to boot system in rescue or live mode. Time goes and faster and more storage capability cdroms came to play. And after cdrom’s dvd’s. But today optic medium usage is declining. Recent popular media to use installation or live operating system is usb. Linux provides easy method to write img or iso files into usb easily.

Create Live Linux With Linux

We can create live usb just providing our iso file and destination device like below. This operation requires root privileges.

Keep in mind that this will theoretically delete all data on /dev/sdc

Create Live Linux With Windows

We can use gui application on Windows to create live linux usb. Live Linux software can be used.

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