What is Default Gateway and How To Find Current Default Gateway In Windows and Ubuntu?

Default gateway is a network term used to specify a special host which is used to to access other networks. Default gateway is also called as default route. One of the other popular use case for default gateway is using to access to the internet.

Default Gateway IP Address

Network administrators manages the default gateway IP address and they generally uses the first or last usable IP address in the network. Let’s look network 10.0.0./24 . This network range is from IP address to . The popular use case is using as default gateway IP address.

List Windows Default Gateway

In windows operating systems we can use ifconfig command in order to find detailed information about the network stack and protocols. Detailed tutorial about ifconfig can be reached from following link.

Windows Ipconfig Command Tutorial With Examples To List, Change, Renew IP Configuration

We can also use route print command to print defualt gateway.

> route print
List Windows Default Gateway
List Windows Default Gateway

As we can see from screenshot the network destination address specifies the default gateway line. If we look to the Gateway column we will see which is default gateway of the windows system.

List Linux Default Gateway

Linux distributions like Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHAT uses ip command to get detailed information about network and protocols. Look following tutorial for detailed information.

Linux Ip Command With Examples- Network Management

We will use ip route command which will print all routes by starting from default route or default gateway.

$ ip route
List Linux Default Gateway
List Linux Default Gateway

Here default gateway line starts with default via keywords which means all networks those do not exists in the current route table.

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Modems and Routers Default Routes

The home internet users generally connect to the internet with modems or router. These routers generally uses network or more specifically network . The default gateway will be or in most of the situations.

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