Display Detailed System Information With Systeminfo For Windows Operating Systems

Windows operating system have a lot of third party tools used to get detailed system information like operating system, version, boot time, processor etc. We will look simple single command systeminfo to get detailed system information.

List Information

We will just issue the systeminfo command to get information about the computer.

$ systeminfo
List Information
List Information

We will get following information about the computer.

  • Host Name
  • OS Name
  • OS Version
  • OS Manufacturer
  • OS Configuration
  • OS Configuration
  • OS Build Type
  • Original Install Data
  • System Boot Time
  • System Manufacturer
  • System Model
  • PRocessors
  • Windows Directory
  • System Directory
  • Boot Device
  • System Locale
  • Input Locale
  • Time Zone
  • Total Memory
  • Available Memory
  • Domain
  • Page File Location
  • Logon Servers
  • Hotfixes
  • Network Cards

List Information In Table

System information can be listed in table format with the following command.

$ systeminfo /FO TABLE
List Information In Table
List Information In Table

List Information As CSV

Another format for structured data reading is CSV.

$ systeminfo /FO CSV
List Information As CSV
List Information As CSV

Redirect Output To A File

While using table and csv formatted output saving output to a file is more beneficial and useful. We will redirect CSV output to a file named systeminfo.txt where same thing can be done for the TABLE format.

$ systeminfo /FO CSV > systeminfo.txt

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