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How To Do A Computer Ping Test Command To Check Network Connectivity?

Computer networking provides a lot of features for remote usage. But remote access may have some problems. Computer networks provides some basic tools in order to check and detect these problems. In this tutorial we will look some basic ping test in order to check network status.


Internet Control Message Protocol is a network protocol designed to communicate between network hosts about network status. Ping test mostly uses ICMP protocol in order to check network connectivity. ICMP have different message types but ping test uses echo and reply messages in most situations. More detailed information aboutping command can be found in the following tutorials.

Linux ping Command Tutorial With Examples

Windows Ping Utility

All windows operating systems provides ping command by default so we do not need to install it explicitly.

Linux Ping Utility

Most of the Linux distributions like Fedora, CentOS, RedHat Ubuntu, Debian, Kali, Mint provides ping by default.

Ping Test

As Linux and Windows version of the ping command works in similar manner we will follow Windows version. We will open command prompt MSDOS or PwerShell like below by using Run .




Then will will specify the target or destination we want to test with ping command. In this example we will test the IP address

> ping
Ping Test
Ping Test

As we can see the ping test is completed without and error or packets loss. Let’s look the results.

  • bytes specifies the ICMP packet size
  • times specifies the the requires packet to transmit and receive to target
  • TTL specifies the intermediate host counts. Windows ping uses 64 as default TTL value.
  • sent specifies the packet count sent
  • received specifies packet count received
  • lost specifies packet count lost
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Ping Test Host Name

We can also use ping test to a host name. Host name specifies a host with a name not an IP address. Host name is easier to use and remember that a IP address. In this example we will ping test to as a target.

> ping

Ping Test

One of the most used internet connectivity test is pinging . As google servers provides high availability which means they are all ways up we can use as a measure . We can ping test our internet with DNS and internet connection like below.

> ping

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