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How To Download, Install and Use Vim In Windows

Vim is Linux based opensource tool. The roots goes to the vi editor. In Linux distributions vim can be easily installed via package managers like apt , yum , dnf and zypper . Windows is the most popular desktop operating system. Vim is provided for Windows operating systems too. In this tutorial we will look how to download, install and use vim in Windows Operating systems.


Vim official web page provides download links for Windows operating systems. As Windows is mainly graphical user interface vim is provided with name gvim which is graphical vim. We can download from following links.

32 Bit Installer

64 Bit Installer


Install Vim

We can install vim for Windows with Windows style Next-> Next logic. Vim is installed to the C:\Program Files\Vim directory.

Install Vim
Install Vim

Use Vim

After installation the read me file is opened by newly installed vim . Which will look like this.

Use Vim
Use Vim

Windows vim provides some of its features with menu. As an example we can use following features from menu.

  • Save
  • Save All
  • Find and Replace
  • Find Next
  • Load Session
  • Save Current Session
  • Run Vim Script

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  1. Thank you for your article — While I wish the “Use Vim” section was more detailed this was nice to have the links to download readily available. Vim is a tough program to learn requiring multiple plug-ins (solomakerlabs a Twitch full stack streamer uses 57 of them). The functionality and productivity of using Vim seems very high, but only if one grasps how to navigate and use Vim.

    There are many editors such as VSCode that are more GUI based than Vim, which may be what most people want. Vim is a program from the earlier days of the computer age, but it is still worked on and developed for as of 2019. There doesn’t seem to be an end to Vi, Vim, or Bash to name a few legacy programs that still have modern use.

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