How To Download and Install Wget For Windows?

wget is used download files over network with different protocols. wget can be get from most of the linux distributions with their respective package manager. But in windows we need to get and install wget manually. In this tutorial we will look how to download, install and setup wget for windows operating systems like 7, 8, 10, server etc. For more information of wget windows usage look following tutorial.

Download From Sourceforge

Sourceforge provide support for a lot of opensource and free projects. wget is one of them. We can download windows binaries from following links.


Source Files


Download From Eternallybored is a web site provides GNU projects windows binaries. We can download wget from following links.

32 Bit Binary

64 Bit Binary


Download wget.exe or similar files and extract if required.

Then create a folder named wget in the program files.

> mkdir wget

Copy Files

We will copy file or files to the newly created folder named wget . The full path of wget is C:\Program Files\wget .

> copy "c:\Users\ismail\Downloads\wget64.exe" "c:\Program Files\wget\"

Add Wget Path To Environment Variables

Now we will add the current path of wget binary to the system path.

Computer -> Advenced System Settings -> Advenced -> Environment Variables -> Path  System variable.

Add the following line. This will add wget path to the PATH variable which is used to locate commands and binaries. So we can use wget from different directories and drives without providing the whole wget binary path.

;C:\Program Files\wget

Run Wget Windows

Now open new MS-DOS or Powershell terminal to run wget command.

>wget64.exe --help
Run Wget Windows
Run Wget Windows

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