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Dpkg Error “Dpkg Was Interrupted” and Solution

This is a small post about dpkg error. Dpkg is a tool used to manage package installation, removing, update of distributions like Debian, Ubuntu. Actually dpkg can be used distributions like Fedora, CentOS, RedHat but their default package manager is rpm.


Here is the problem while install a package with apt-get or dpkg directly the operation is interrupted. After trying again to install a package we get an error like “dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run

Dpkg Error

Dpkg Error

This error can be caused by different problems.

Reconfigure Dpkg

We need to repair dpkg package database in order to resume apt-get update operation. We can run dpkg to reconfigure the package database like below and correct the problem. We will provide --configure  and -a option to the dpkg command like below. This command will regenerate the package database and fix errors. We also need the root privileges to change dpkg database which will be provided with sudo command like below.

Reconfigure Dpkg

Reconfigure Dpkg

The interrupted package installation with dpkg is completed with success.

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