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Dymerge Dictionary Merge Tool

During penetration test one of the test component is brute forcing critical data like password, hash, key etc. One way to brute force is using dictionaries or word list. There are a lot of dictionary in the internet and we generally need to merge them. Dymerge is a security tool used to merge different wordlists and dictionaries.

Get DyMerge

Latest version of the dymerge can be get from github by using git.

Get Help About DyMerge

By issuing -h parameter to the dymerge help about dymerge can be get. It also provides usage examples where we will look in this post.

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Merge Two Dictionary

We will merge two dictionary only providing dictionary file names. The default output file name is dymerged.txt if it is not specified.

Specifying Output File Name

We will specify output file name with -o option and zip the file with -z option with bz2 compression algorithm.

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Dymerge Dictionary Merge Tool Infografic

Dymerge Dictionary Merge Tool Infografic

Dymerge Dictionary Merge Tool Infografic


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