All About Ethernet Cables Like Cat, Coaxial, Fiber


Networks transmits signals through two type of medium. One medium is cables and other medium is air. Cables have  most popular usage. We will look different type of cables. And how these cables are used, their performances and characteristics.

Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cable or simply coax is a type of cable using a core conductor which is surrounded with a insulating layer. This insulating layer is also surrounded with a conductor too. This two conductor is used to transmit signals.

This cables was used in the old times as main networking component. Because there was a  lot of this type of cables and they were cheap. Coax is all ready used for cable TV.

Coax performance is very limited from networking point of view.

Cooper (DSL) Cables

Cooper cables are mainly used for telephone systems. While computer networks are becoming more popular these all ready existing cabling infrastructure is used for networking. Cooper cables are mainly used for last mile of internet by ISP’s. Because the cheapest way to provide internet connections the the customers is using all ready existing infrastructure. From POP points to the customer residence cooper cables are used.

Cat (Category) Cables

Cat cables are most popular usage for the computer networks. Because cat cables are cheap and provide good performance in the LAN usage. CAT have different types for usage bu most popular are CAT5 and CAT6 .


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Fiber Cables

Fiber cables are next generation cables used for new installations. Fiber cables are generally preferred by ISP’s. Because fiber cables gives long range and high bandwidth. But the cost of fiber cable is much higher than other type of cables. This makes fiber less favorable in the LAN network infrastructures.

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