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What is File System Block And Super Block?

Block is segment of data that contains data for file, binary, dll,metadata etc. Block are used to store information about files. Some blocks hold metadata about file system and called super block.

Super Block

Super block is segment of metadata that contains information about the file system on a block device. Super block provides

  • size of the file system
  • block size of the file system
  • empty or filled blocks of the file system
  • size and allocation of inode tables

To access a file in a file system requires access to the super block to get information about the file. Super block is backed up into multiple areas of a disk.

List Super Block and Backups

We can list super block backups with dumpe2fs command. Backup super blocks will listed with the group descriptors.

  • Primary super block is at 0
  • Backup super blocks are separated to the different locations of the disk

List Details Of Blocks

We can use dumpe2fs tool to list all block information. But this will create a lot of output.

List Details Of Blocks

List Details Of Blocks

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