How To Find and Remove Duplicate Files In Linux?


Hi, long time age when I was new comer to the linux world I was using duplicate file finder named fdupes. But after a time I change my OS to windows and again to linux. But I stopped using fdupes. Today When I was looking to the file compression of btrfs I found fdupes againg and run in my test system. It it very usefull tool for untidy persons on the computer. By the way I am not untidy in my computer 🙂 . Lets look to fdupes.

Fdupes looks files with their  size and MD5 and then byte by byte comparison.

Simply Look Duplicate Files

Look current working directory with recursive style where all files folders and subfolders are looked.

Following Symbolic and Hard Links

To provide sym and hardlinks use following options

Show Size Information of Duplicate Files

Show size of files

Delete Without Confirmation

And the most usefull and dangerous command where duplicate ones are deleted. Use this command in your own risk.

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