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How To Fix Dns Lookup Failed

Dns is the heart of the internet. Without DNS we can not surf over websites easily. But some times Dns may not work properly. We should troubleshot the problem and solve it. In this tutorial we will look the steps we can take to solve this problem.

Flush Dns Cache

The first and most useful command to solve Dns problem is flushing the Dns data in the cache. During using Dns the retrivied data is saved in the Dns cache. Over time this will provide some misinformation which will led Dns lookup problems. We can easily solve this by removing cache data by flushing it. We will use ipconfig command for this operation. We need to get administrator privileges to issue this command.

> ipconfig /flushdns
Flush Dns Cache
Flush Dns Cache

Change Dns Server Addresses

There are a lot of Dns servers over the world. We can use most of them without problem. We can change our current Dns servers to the other popular and more reliable Dns servers. To get list of popular Dns servers look following tutorial.

Popular Free DNS Services Around The World

Restart Network Stack

Windows network stack is not reliable as Linux network stack it may generally create problems related with IP, DNS etc. We can solve DNS problems by restarting network stack. This will remote all cache data and configuration and starts network service from scratch. Use following command with Administrator privileges in the MS-DOS

> netsh winsock reset catalog
> netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

Clear Cache and Cookies

Another useful way to solve DNS lookup files is clearing cache and cookies of the browser currently used. This will prevent old and mis configured cache data to be emptied.

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