How To Get Cpu Info and Number of Cpus In Linux?


Cpu is central part of the computer systems.  They provide all logic and computation power to the operating system that runs on them. In general we look the frequency and brand of the cpu like i5,i7. There are very different features in detail in CPU’s. There are different commands to get cpus information like flags, instrcutionset, product name etc. But most compatible cpu information source is /proc/cpuinfo

Getting Information From /proc/cpuinfo

  • From vendor_id we can understand tha this cpu is intel
  • model name is inside model name of intel for this cpu
  • cpu MHz specifies frequency or speed of this cpu
  • we can see from flags those instruction sets supported by this cpu
  • processor line specifies cpu index. In this case we have only one core whichs index is 0
  • cache_alignment shows the architecture of cpu like 32 or 64 bit.
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Getting Cpu Information With lscpu

Alternative to cpuinfo is lscpu which proved more understandable information about cpu like below.

  • For example we can get from Hypervisor vendor that this system is KVM virtualized.

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